British Colombia Seniors Not Receiving Home Care Services Needed

The Office of the Seniors Advocate, British Columbia reviewed the level of services available to seniors and the results were disappointing, but not altogether unexpected.   I suspect that a similar review would yield comparable results across Canada.  The need for good home care for seniors is outstripping the growth of service providers.  Their is a real opportunity to enter this market, provide a much needed service and build a successful business.. 

The inaugural Monitoring Seniors’ Services report marks the beginning of a yearly update on key seniors’ services in the province, highlighting where seniors’ needs are being met, and where improvements are most needed. The report focuses on 2014/15 data highlighting key services under the Advocate’s legislated mandate.


  • Home support hours decreased in 3 out of 5 health authorities, while the number of clients increased in 4 out of 5
  • The number of residential care beds in the province has increased by 3.5% since 2012, but the population over 75 has increased 10% during that time and the number of seniors placed within the 30-day target window has decreased from 67% to 63% in the past year
  • Data presented in the report confirm there were between 425 and 550 incidents of resident on resident aggression that resulted in harm in residential care reported in 2014/15
  • Since 2005, the SAFER maximum rent that qualifies for a subsidy increased 9% while rents increased by 34%

Read the Report Here