Understanding your own background, situations and motivations can help you to understand whether or not owning your own franchise is right for you.

Here is the Franchise Quiz from The Entrepreneur’s Source.  You must answer yes to 5 out of 6 of the following questions to be right for franchise ownership:

1) Are you unfulfilled with your current career path?

2.) Are you willing to invest the time to explore franchise business ownership?

3.) Can you follow a system & be open to coaching and feedback?

4.) Are you generally optimistic and motivated to overcome obstacles that get in your way?

5.) Do you have the support of your spouse or partner?

6.) Are you willing to take some risk for future return?

This is a very high level look at some of the questions you need to consider before investing in a business.  I work with clients on an individual basis, and help them decide if owning a franchise is right for them.  Based on their background, business goals and investment level I help find a franchise that is a good fit.