Oh… fear. Yes, that stops us all in our tracks sometimes. But fear can help motivate you too, if you learn how to leverage fear.
Let’s use diving as an example. Imagine you’ve never been to a pool with a diving board but one day you ride your bike to the new pool and there it is… the high dive. But, the pool is closed. So all you can do is stare at the diving board and wonder who in the hell would do that and live? For one hour, you stare at the board and wonder. Are you now less afraid? Nope, most of us are now MORE afraid. We’ve engaged our fear and let it grow.
Now picture instead you go to the pool and several people are jumping off the high dive. You see them do it over and over again, safely. You talk to them about how to do it right, there’s a lifeguard there and he tells you of very few people getting hurt and the likelihood of success. You take a class on how to do the high dive. Feeling better? Of course, knowledge is power.
Take it one step farther… you have now done the jump 20 times. Do you have more or less fear the 21st time? That’s right you barely remember being afraid, you know have knowledge and experience.
Many people believe successful people are driven by an overwhelming need to succeed. However most people succeed out of sheer desire not to fail! Successful people work hard every day to make sure they are doing the right things to … NOT FAIL. Fear can help you be focused and driven if you are willing to move beyond it and harness it’s power.