It’s called the “rat race,” but really it is not a race at all, especially if you think about the commutes in Southern California, the Bay Area, and Washington D.C., where workers living just thirty miles from work spend hours making hellish commutes Monday through Friday—sometimes two hours each way. If you think about it, these people are spending an additional half of an average workday just to get to and from work! When I have had the rare misfortune of getting caught in the frustration of seemingly endless bumper-to-bumper traffic, I think to myself—These  people are spending up to 20 hours a week doing this—just basically standing in a two-hour line to get to their jobs. Imagine what they could do with an extra 20 hours a week?!

An extra 20 hours a week. Even ten. These people could have that much extra time to spend with family and friends, build a fairly intense workout program into their lives, partake in a hobby they have no time for, or simply just relax and read or watch television.

In addition to the waste of time workers spend commuting, think of the difference it must make to come home from a twelve hour day, a third having been spent sitting in the car doing nothing but counting down the miles to home and keeping an eye on the road. The kids are excited to see Mommy or Daddy, and likewise, but Mommy or Daddy is absolutely spent, energy-wise.

While I understand the plights of these workers, I do often wonder why they put themselves through such misery when there are so many other career options that don’t call for such a waste of time and energy.  As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have to believe people simply accept their circumstances out of unawareness. They just don’t know that they, too, could enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle by researching the abundance of lucrative and affordable home-based franchises and business license opportunities that are out there right now.

By lucrative, I mean there are many such franchises that would net people much more than their current salaries. Though store-front or office-based franchises are typically very successful, the home-based models tend to be the most popular. Home-based franchises are popular for many reasons:

1)      No dreadful commute.

2)      Freedom of setting your own hours and being your own boss.

3)      The significant tax benefits legally allowed for use of your home to conduct business, including a percentage of utilities, furnishings, and of course rent or mortgage for the area you use as an office.

4)      Home-based franchises don’t require the start-up fees of securing a lease, building expense, etc. In fact, many home-based franchises can be opened for $50,000 or less. By the way, that initial franchise purchase is also tax-deductible!

It is important to point out that not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit of business ownership, particularly a home-based franchise. In order to succeed, you must be outgoing and confident enough to network and build a clientele. Also, franchises are built on a set of systems and procedures that are in place because they have been tested and proven successful. However, someone who insists on “doing it my way or the highway” would not be a good candidate for any franchise. Franchise contracts are usually strict and non-negotiable, for good reason—to protect all franchisees and keep the proven system in place so the business remains successful.

There are many ways to determine whether business ownership is for you. At FranService, we are here to help you determine, via complimentary consultations and profiles, not only if a home-based franchise is for you, but which one? Don’t wait one more minute—let alone through another long commute—to investigate your opportunities for business ownership.