So, you’re thinking about owning your own franchise. That’s great. Even better — you’ve realized there’s a lot about franchising you don’t know and you’ve partnered with a Franchise Consultant to help you fill in the blanks and make a sound decision. A good franchise consultant is similar to an effective sports coach — they teach, guide, provide strategy advice — then they trust you to play the game. A franchise consultant’s job is to empower aspiring owners to make smart decisions when it comes to franchise ownership.

However, as with anything else, not all consultants are equally talented. How can you tell if a potential franchise consultant will add real value to your exploration while respecting your personality and needs? Further, how can you determine if you are working with a true, professional franchise consultant who is prioritizing your future as opposed to simply making a quick commission?

Well, to find out, I spoke with five highly reputable franchise consultants who, like myself, are truly invested in consulting and empowering their clients. These franchise consultants listed 20 specific warning signs to help franchise prospects determine if it’s time to find a new consultant. Here’s what they had to share:

Scott Jones.

Matt “The Franchise Guy” Stevens.

Jeff “The Franchise Matcher” Shafritz.

Melissa Lewis.

Ray Fanning.

Here’s the bottom line — like any business or occupation, there are a ton of excellent, well-informed consultants out there… but there are also some pretenders. While we all recommend conducting your due diligence on franchise opportunities, I also recommend that you conduct due diligence on the franchise consultant helping you through the process. And if you’re noticing any of the warning signs above, it’s probably time to fire your consultant and find one that has your best interest in mind.