Leaving a job to start a business venture is not something you should take lightly. Here are some reasons why it is better to start a business of your own instead of staying at your current profession.

1.    You have no real improvement with your current job

When it comes to profession or business, the term improvement is almost always associated with better financial condition. This is not wrong, but you can also improve in terms of personal happiness, the satisfaction you get from the sense of achievement, and the chances to practice your business talents. When you applied for a job, there was the excitement that you would do something you like for a living. In many cases, the reality suggests otherwise. If you think your job is a complete waste of time and energy, it is probably the time to quit and pursue the long-hindered entrepreneurial dream.

2.    Your job kills creativity

As previously mentioned, you are in a good position to consider quitting if the job requires you to do something in which you have no interest at all. This kind of profession prevents your creativity from developing; in other words, you are stuck. Successful entrepreneurs are those who thrive by thinking out of the box. They invent innovative goods and services, and build profitable business from those. Entrepreneurs find solutions for recurrent everyday problems/difficulties and offer the solutions to potential buyers.

3.    Your job is not rewarding enough

If your current job is not financially rewarding, one of the first suggestions you hear is to find another job. When a job does not satisfy you financially, you are in a constant search for a new one with the hope to get higher salary. Looking for a new job can be either the perfect solution or the worst suggestion depending on how you define “rewarding”. More money often means more happiness, but true entrepreneurs also find happiness from pursuing their dreams and practicing their interests in the process. These people do not stop being entrepreneurs once they arrive at the state of financial freedom; in contrast, they continue to develop and invent.

4.    Control your own future

It sounds too good to be true indeed, but at least you are closer to that when you run your own business. To give a practical example, please consider the chances of layoff. Unless you are one of the upper management executives in a corporation, you have no control over employees’ survival rate. The board directors can decide whether it is necessary to cut salary expense in order to save the company from financial problems. A lot of major names have undergone such situations (Apple and Blackberry were in this position in the past). If you have been part of layoff, you understand how traumatic this can be. As an entrepreneur, you have control over your own situation.

5.    It is now affordable

We are living in the digital age where everyone is connected to each other through Internet. It has changed how people conduct businesses, launch marketing campaign, and sell products. A small business can be immediately recognized by the public thanks to social media and other online publication platforms. Let us not forget about crowdfunding and online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. Creating your own professional business websites is also a viable option; you can either build it yourself or ask professionals to do it. There are also many online business models for examples drop-shipping, wholesaling, while-labeling, and more.

Should You Quit?

Quitting a job to start a business is not an easy decision to make. It is an extreme undertaking that requires a lot of considerations. Although everyone is an entrepreneur in essence, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Some people feel good comfort from doing their everyday job routines, but it can be because their professions walk hand-in-hand with their interests/hobbies. For others, their job is rewarding enough to prevent them from having another venture.

For everyone else who feels unlucky with their jobs, maybe it is time to reconsider all decision you have made in the past. Leaving your job will not solve any financial problem or relive the lack of excitement in day-to-day life, but it can be a good start to pursue real happiness both personally and financially. As long as you are ready, well-equipped, and have enough dedication to overcome all the challenges in business, you are at the same time prepared for future success.