Why women and franchising go together

57277349_SThere are a number of reasons why women looking for a new career or business opportunity might be drawn to franchising. Whether it’s for the sense of community, structured setting, or a chance to follow their dreams and passions, there are a number of great reasons why women should get into franchising.

The franchise industry is well-known for providing an atmosphere that fosters mentor-ship, tips, and guidance for those looking to become a franchisee. The fact is, no one who got into franchising did it alone and without advice.

And although women may be a minority in the franchise world, that statistic is rapidly changing. Whether they are breaking into existing franchises or starting their own, these intrepid women are laying the groundwork for others to follow.

For many, franchising offers a community that fosters openness and mentor-ship. It is this openness that serves as the foundation for franchising. Although you’re in business for yourself, you’re not by yourself.

Consider that women tend to be more collaborative by nature, and it isn’t hard to see where franchising has appeal. From financial security to flexibility in an increasingly corporate, cubicle-governed world, there’s a lot of reasons for women to get into the business.

Still, the number of women franchise owners is perilously low. The most recent data on women in franchising is quite old, but it still paints a picture. According to a survey completed by the International Franchise Association, from 2002 to 2007 the number of female franchise owners dropped 3%.

Fortunately, there are resources available to you. Franchise consultants can help enterprising women find the franchise that is right for them. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to consider franchising for your next (and final?) career.