Partnering with a franchise system with a proven track record will help you achieve you goal of business ownership.

  • By John Anderson

Do you look up from your computer from time to time and daydream about being your own boss? I did.

Does the lifestyle, flexibility and financial prospects of being a business owner sound appealing to you? It certainly did for me.

Do you have an idea for a business or a product that you think would be a hit? Personally, I never found that idea. If you do, I want to encourage you to go for it. However, if like me, you don’t have that magical idea, I still want to encourage you to go for it.

With franchising.

There will be many naysayers and friends or family who will tell you why it won’t work. And maybe it won’t. Being in business is not easy. That said, I’m a firm believer that everyone can be successful with their own business when they discover the right opportunity.

When that business matches their values, skills and finances, when that business has proven systems and built in training and support, and when that business fuels their inner drive, anyone can do it successfully.

How can they be successful?

1. Franchises offer a proven system for operating a business that has been replicated successfully in many locations.

2. Franchises offer startup training, real estate assistance and ongoing support.

3. Franchises offer you branding, plus sales and marketing support.

4. With franchising, you can find a business that is the “right opportunity” that matches your profile.

Like the idea of starting a franchise, but don’t know how to find the right opportunity?

With over 3,500 franchises to research, it’s not easy. There is a lot of information on the internet, and tons of books written on franchising. Still for someone who has never started a business or looked into franchising, that can be a daunting task.

An idea without actions will always just be an idea. These steps are a fantastic way to create some momentum, take action and get started.

• List your needs and goals on paper. What hours do you want to work? How many employees? How much do you need to make? And so on.

• List your business strengths and favorite daily activities in business.

• Identify businesses whose franchisees are successful with similar strengths to yours.

• Contact those franchises and see if they are available in your area and begin evaluating and validating the opportunity.

Researching the business, discovering behind-the-curtain details and validating if they really are the right opportunity takes a lot more effort. But it’s well worth the time investment to find a business to satisfy your hunger to be your own boss.

Consultants also exist who specialize in efficiently helping you find your match. Franchising is the greatest business model created for small business, and you can use it to start yours.

John Anderson is a local business owner and president and Lakeport Franchise Group.