Most people who work for a corporation the government or a small business dream of one day owning their own business. They dream of taking charge of their own lives, having freedom to create more time to spend doing the things they love and creating a better life for themselves and their families.

Sadly, most will never realize their dream. They will stay in their job, even if they are unhappy, and wait for retirement. What holds people back from trying to realize their dreams and create a better life? According to Joe Mathews in his book “Street Smart Franchising” the number one thing that holds people back is fear. Fear of failure, that they will start a business and not be successful.

One of the best and most proven ways of increasing the chance of being successful when starting a business for yourself is to partner with an established, proven franchise brand. Joe Mathews points out that 97% of franchise owners consider themselves to be successful. Of course, different people have different measures for success, which can include:

• Money

• Time

• Work-life balance

• Flexibility

• Challenge

• Control

• Security and stability

• Equity

• Making a difference in the lives of others

• Personal responsibility

• Personal impact on the bottom line

Quality franchise brands offer numerous advantages that help their franchisees achieve success:

Proven Operating Systems

They have implemented their business model successfully over and over again. The business models are constantly being tweaked and improved upon. Strong franchise brands have the resources to continually develop new products, services and processes.

Proven Marketing

Franchise brands have marketing programs that have been tested in many different markets. They develop new marketing programs on a regular basis and stay abreast of current trends. Many franchisors develop websites for their franchisees and do social media posts across a variety of platforms.


Franchisees receive detailed training before they start their business. Most franchises are not looking for owners with industry expertise. They provide training in the specific industry, as well as training in how to manage your business.

On-Going Support

Franchise owners are provided with on-going support that can include having a mentor, on going training, peer groups, site visits, seminars, conferences and business support call centers. With a quality franchise brand “you are in business for your self, but not by yourself”.

One of the saddest things in life is regrets. Regret at not having taken the chance to pursue your dreams. Regret at having traded opportunities to create your best possible life.

If you have dreamed of owning your own business (and most of you have) consider partnering with a proven franchise brand and moving forward with confidence towards creating a better life.

At FranService with work with our clients and match them with franchise brands that are the best fit based on their goals, back ground, investment level and other important criteria. We are continually researching franchise brands, so that we can confidently show our clients franchises that have great track records of helping their franchise owners achieve success.