Did Your Journey Start Here?

Many of us recall childhoods peppered with Sunday nights overcome with dread. As pangs of anxiety would set in as the weekend wound down, we lamented the inevitable start of another pressure-filled week of school. Sadly, the same doom and gloom plagues adults who are miserable at work. Are you still all too familiar with the Sunday night blues because you are unhappy in your current job?

It might sound difficult to believe, but some start each week – even each day – actually looking forward to going to work! Let’s face it, though, and admit that this is not the reality for most of us. It’s not uncommon for our spouse, family members or friends to complain to us about what they are lacking at work, whether it’s fulfillment, money, free time or opportunities to advance.

What many unsatisfied employees dream about is becoming their own boss, which means starting their own business.

“More and more people are separating themselves from corporate America and going into a business,” explained Joe Fedorchuk, CEO of FranService, Inc., “This has been trending for years. The corporate world doesn’t provide the stability it once did nor offer the longevity it used to.”

Further exacerbating the situation was the onset of the pandemic, which enabled many people to work from home for the first time and compelled them to realize they did not want to return to their workplace. “If there’s a silver lining in that horrible experience, it was that it gave people a wake-up call to make choices that aligned with their family values and future aspirations,” explained Fedorchuk.

Starting your own business sounds like a great plan – until reality sets in and hard questions abound. How do I get started when I have never owned a business before? What kind of business should I open? How much money will I need? How can I ensure it will be a success when businesses fail all the time? Such daunting questions lead to negative self-talk.

“Most people’s dream is to be in business for themselves, but the idea of launching a business alone can be terrifying,” Visconti said.

What was an exciting dream just moments earlier suddenly transforms into an idea so intimidating that it can paralyze aspiring entrepreneurs from moving forward.

The next thing they know, it’s Sunday night again, and they’re stuck in the same old cycle.
The good news, however, is that career bliss can be ours – if we know how to find it.

Don’t Travel Solo

It is understandable to be intimidated by all the details involved in launching a new business. After all, no one person can be an expert in all aspects of accounting, marketing, business development, team building, client relations, employee management and technology (just to name a few areas that running a business encompasses). That’s not even touching upon the industry-specific knowledge needed, depending on what type of business you decide to open.

The good news is that you don’t have to do any of it alone. Through franchising, you don’t need to be an expert in all – or even any – of these areas. By investing in an existing brand with a proven business model, you are not starting from scratch like an independent business owner would be.

Perhaps one mantra touted by the International Franchise Association (IFA) puts it best: “Owning a franchise allows you to go into business for yourself but not by yourself.”

From the start-up phase of your business to ongoing training and support, the franchisor provides the assistance needed to make your business a success. What’s more, the franchisor wants you to succeed, since your success is also their success.

Consider just a few of the benefits of franchising according to the IFA:

Keep an Open Mind

While the words “franchise” or “franchising” may conjure images of popular fast food or convenience store chains, they are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Franchise business options span approximately 80 categories and include most professions and industries. From healthcare to financial services to education to pet grooming, there’s something for every professional work style and interest.

The initial investment required can also vary, ranging from $25,000 to several million dollars. Some companies are better suited for a hands-on owner-operator, while other business models are perfect for executive management and still others offer investors an absentee owner with residual income. Whether you want to own a brick-and-mortar location or roll out of bed into a home office, there is something for every professional personality.

Working with a Franchise Consultant can expose potential franchise owners to brands they wouldn’t have normally considered. For example, someone who doesn’t consider himself handy may never think to look at a business in the home improvement sector. However, many franchises don’t require any experience or background in that area in order to become a franchise owner. That’s because, in many cases, employees perform the manual labor while the franchise owner focuses on building and managing a successful team as well as developing a new business.

Find an Expert Guide

Perhaps you don’t even know what your professional strengths, preferences and limitations are yet. That’s fine, too. Either way, it’s not advisable to tackle the research of hundreds of business opportunities on your own. (That’s why you won’t find a “how-to” manual for accomplishing such a feat in this blog.) Instead, allow us to direct you to those who are uniquely qualified to help you!

We are called Franchise Consultants – professionals who assess the needs of entrepreneurial candidates, research opportunities that connect best with their candidate’s specific characteristics and present a list of qualified prospects for consideration. What is great about utilizing the expertise of a Franchise Consultant is that it costs candidates absolutely nothing. When candidates become franchise owners, the Franchise Consultant is paid by the franchisors. There is also no additional cost to the candidate in obtaining the franchise business when using a Franchise Consultant. It’s truly a win-win situation on every level.

“We are changing lives by introducing people to business ownership,” explained Joe Fedorchuk, CEO of FranService.

The reason Franchise Consultants enjoy such a great success rate is that they are great listeners. “Each candidate has different needs, goals and aspirations,” Besides being a great listener, compassion is another important trait for an effective Franchise Consultant.

By spending so much time working with a candidate, a Franchise Consultant can often get to know the candidate even better than the candidate knows him/herself. It is not uncommon for a Franchise Consultant to introduce a candidate to a brand the candidate would not have normally considered.

“Keep an open mind; A brand you may think is perfect for you might not be the right business model for you,”

So how does a Franchise Consultant help a candidate? It’s a multi-step process where the Franchise Consultant engages in numerous conversations with a candidate to learn what their true passion is. They delve deeply into the candidate’s likes and dislikes. For example, does the candidate want to have a big staff, or would she prefer to be a one-woman show? Are flexible hours important, or is a set schedule part of their future picture? Does he dream of manning a storefront, or is being on the road and going to the customer more appealing?

“The Franchise Consultant helps candidates look inward and find out what excites them, what motivates them,” Franchise Consultants then help candidates zero in on a few brands that are ideally suited to them. Even after a candidate makes a final decision and chooses the right business opportunity, the role of the Franchise Consultant is hardly over. The Franchise Consultant can help the candidate find financing and serve as a coach through the due diligence process. Most importantly, the Franchise Consultant helps facilitate a relationship between the candidate and franchisor. While the decisions to choose and own a franchise are the sole actions of the candidate, the information the Franchise Consultant provides is of enormous educational value.

There is a lot of hand-holding that the Franchise Consultant provides throughout the due diligence process. “Fears will come up. It’s natural. But moving forward despite fears that come up is what makes the difference,” “You have that excitement and fear. The true entrepreneur feels the fear but takes a baby step and moves forward. It means you just don’t stop when fear sneaks up on you.”

Seek out The Best

FranService, Inc. has a plethora of experience helping others. “We don’t ‘sell’ franchises. We educate. It’s a different philosophy than some, and it’s what separates us from competitors,”

“We’re part of a franchise family. That big-picture view influences why people love working with us. We’re fun, we’re classy, and we just take a different attitude. We have that human element.”