What do you want your future to look like? Writing down goals and mapping them out sounds basic, and yet, there is something magical that happens when you write down your goals – and in your own handwriting, not typed on a tablet or dictated into the phone. There is something with your brain seeing your own handwriting, outlining the goals that you are going to accomplish, that pushes people to do so. Then work backward to make the goals tangible, breaking them down into achievable tasks.

Learning to prioritize is key. Think of it this way: you own a big box. How will you fill it? This is critical for achieving your goals as you’re about to fill it with the goals and items on your ‘to-do’ list. Put your big rocks (goals, tasks) in it first. Then your smaller rocks, then pebbles, and then add your sand, and finally, water. Going about it like this allows you to fill the box productively. Don’t take your box and fill it up with tiny little things, because then there’s no room for your big rock. Some people like to do the little things first, so they can cross off items on their “to-do” list. But done out of order, and you find yourself short on time. Time is the most precious thing for entrepreneurs.

Fear holds us back the most – fear of what others will think, being wrong, or being judged. All that “noise” in our head gets in our way. If you can, detach to allow yourself to change your perspective and overcome the fear hurdle. We all need to get outside of ourselves to think and act objectively. Remember: F-E-A-R has two meanings: “Forget Everything and Run” or “Face Everything and Rise.” Tell yourself to rise.

Whenever a decision is made ask yourself this question: “Does it take me closer to, or further from my goal?” If the answer is “closer to,” then you’ve made the right decision, if the answer is “further from,” you know what to do. If you follow this overview, you will truly see a difference in your business and your attitude.