Can AI help you find the best franchise oppotunity? Well, as it turns out – not really.

Franchise City, the most popular YouTube channel for information recently did a test, and ask the most populat AI program – ChatGPT some very basic questions about finding the right franchise.

One question was what are the best top ten franchises? The answer was not that useful.

The answer provided by the AI program included some of the worst franchise opportunities available. For example the AI program ChatGPT picked 7Eleven as their number 2 best opportunity. In reality, 7Eleven has thousands of negative reveiws from their franchise owners, with 9 out of 10 owners saying the business is so bad it is having a negative impact on their health.

AI picked Subway as their number 3 choice. Subway has had absoulutly abysmal performance and has closed thousands of stores over the past few years.

When looking at the selections made by AI it was apparent that it had picked the best franchises based, for the most part, on number of locations open. However, this doesn’t tell us how well the average franchisee is doing, if the franchise system is growing or in decline and what the average ROI is for franchise owners. Getting ansers to these questions takes more research, and is notavailble by just scanning the internet

Next, AI was asked what are the 10 most profitable franchises. Once again the answer was unhelpful, and was just flatout incorrect. Again Subway made the list even though they are in the bottom 10% for all QSR’s in terms of profit per unit. ReMax made the list even though they don’t even provide earnings information in their FDD.

AI was unable to answer even basic questions about finding the best franchise. At this time it is not able to provide more complex answers to what is truly important when look for the right franchise opportunity. What is the best franchise for you, based on your background, business goals, investment, location and preferred lifestyle.

When you work with a professional Franchise Consultant, they will build a personal profile for you and make franchise recommendation that match your profile.

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