For decades, a widely believed myth about franchise success rates has persisted, stating that 95% of new franchises succeed. This seemingly promising statistic has enticed aspiring entrepreneurs into the world of franchising with the allure of high success rates. However, the reality is far from this claim. In this article, we delve into the truth behind franchise success rates, debunking the myth and shedding light on the importance of working with a Certified Franchise Consultant to find top brands with proven records of success.

The 1980’s Survey and Its Misconstrued Claim: The source of the 95% success rate claim can be traced back to a survey conducted in the 1980s. However, further analysis reveals that the conclusion reached from this small survey was false. The claim was falsely perpetuated, leading to widespread acceptance of the statistic without proper scrutiny.

Unveiling the Real Failure Rates: Contrary to the popular belief in the 95% success rate, the truth is that franchise failure rates can vary significantly across different industries and individual brands. While some top franchises do boast success rates of over 90%, there are many others with failure rates much higher than the erroneously touted figure. It is crucial for aspiring franchisees to have accurate information to make informed decisions.

The Importance of Certified Franchise Consultants: Navigating the world of franchising can be complex and overwhelming. This is where Certified Franchise Consultants play a vital role. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in the franchise industry, helping aspiring entrepreneurs identify top franchise brands with excellent records of success.

Working with a professional consultant provides several benefits:

Extensive Industry Knowledge: These consultants stay updated on the latest trends, market conditions, and success rates within the franchise industry. They possess valuable insights that can help prospective franchisees make informed choices.

Franchise Screening Process: Certified Franchise Consultants meticulously evaluate opportunities based on various factors, including brand reputation, financial performance, operational support, and franchisee satisfaction. They eliminate franchises with dubious success claims and focus on those with a proven track record.

Personalized Guidance: These consultants take the time to understand the goals, interests, and financial capabilities of aspiring franchisees. They provide personalized recommendations and guide them towards franchises that align with their individual needs and preferences.

Mitigating Risks: By working with a professinal consultant, entrepreneurs can reduce the risk of investing in a franchise with a high failure rate. The consultant’s expertise helps in conducting thorough due diligence, including reviewing franchise disclosure documents and negotiating favorable terms.

Conclusion: The myth of the 95% franchise success rate has been perpetuated for years, leading aspiring entrepreneurs astray. It is essential to debunk this falsehood and seek accurate information when considering franchise opportunities. Collaborating with a Certified Franchise Consultant is a prudent choice, as they possess the necessary expertise to identify top franchise brands with proven success records. By making informed decisions based on accurate data, entrepreneurs can maximize their chances of achieving success in the franchising world.

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