Talented sales professionals have many great franchise opportunities available to them. In the above video we discuss “Master” cleaning franchises with earnings over 6 million, consulting franchises with a low investment that have created millionaires, and much more. Forget McDonalds, forget fast food, these franchises while they can be profitable waste your sales talents. And they cost millions to open.

Beyond fast food there are great franchise companies that have sales as their primary business driver, and they often cost a fraction of what these major food companies cost. why is franchising such a perfect fit for sales professionals? Sales people are great at sales, but everything else like logo design, logistics, marketing, hiring, bookkeeping, not so much. A franchise provides owners with a road map, support, training and a peer group of often hundreds of other franchise owners, that show you exactly what to do to be successful. And they know what to do already as the business has been proven by hundreds of other franchise owners before you. So you basically are handed a road map for success, all you need to do is add your own sales and business building motivation.

There are two main types of sales driven franchises. A “one person army” franchise where you work from home with a very flexible, lifestyle friendly schedule, or more complex business models with an office, employees and staff, more infrastructure. Both can create million dollar revenues.

Here is a link to the best source of franchise information on YouTube: – https://www.youtube.com/@FranchiseCityOnline